Time for continuous improvement

How to liberate time for continuous improvement?

New time
Photo: frankieleon – “New Time” by Flickr

The quality manager is often missing time to work on continuous improvement. The daily tasks require a constant attention. Quality touches the whole organisation, making that you are always in great demand.

It’s interesting to save time. That’s why there is this newest rubric “Time for continuous improvement”, especially written for quality managers. Here you will find applicable tips, to save precious time throughout your working day.

Why should we save time? To make it possible to do things, which have added value to the company, like for example training of personnel. Or work on recurring complaints. When we deepen, we can get to really solve the issues.

A real resolution of quality issues will result in a bigger enthusiasm for the quality management system. It will change in a way of work. The quality system gets dynamic. The quality approach progresses towards the preventive side of the balance.

The following topics will appear soon in the rubric “Time for continuous improvement” on QualitiC4u.com:

  • The saving of quality documents on your computer
  • Practical tips and tricks to optimise the usage of your computer programs
  • Practical tools to be an even better performing Quality Manager
  • How to manage your program of the day to be more productive
  • How to make the Direction review in a more intelligent way?

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