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The external auditor – The organisation specialist

181126Peter Shanks plasticine labyrinth
Photo: Peter Shanks – “plasticine labyrinth” by Flickr

The external auditor is often underestimated by organisations, which is strongly discouraged. People don’t realize that the requirements on auditors are very high. A relevant experience in the sector and a broad organisational knowledge are minimum requirements. Continue reading “The external auditor – The organisation specialist”


Which method and preparation to use to ensure an excellent audit result?

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Photo: Craig Chew-Moulding – “Champagne Flutes” by Flickr

Only one method works to obtain an excellent audit result. It’s looking to your company through the eyes of the auditor. That’s quite more demanding and it asks for a change in the way of working. Continue reading “Which method and preparation to use to ensure an excellent audit result?”

Metal detection

Tips for an optimal operation of your metal control program

180704Zaldy Camerino Horloge Fleurie (Flower Clock)
Photo: Zaldy Camerino – “Horloge Fleurie (Flower Clock)” by Flickr

Include the metal detectors in your machine maintenance program – Choose a qualified company for the maintenance, which gives you a guarantee of an optimal operation of your detector. Integrate the detector calibration in this maintenance service. Continue reading “Tips for an optimal operation of your metal control program”