Metal detection

Determination of the minimum rejected body size

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All detection methods have their minimal detection limits, inclusive metal detection. The factor which can restrict the most is your product. On the second place there is the type of metal. You wish to reject all the metal, but unfortunately, this is impossible. Continue reading “Determination of the minimum rejected body size”

Metal detection

Metal detection – The solution for minimizing the contamination of your products?

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Metal detectors are widely used in the food producing industry, to reject the products containing metallic foreign bodies. Is it sufficient to install a metal detection within your production line? Continue reading “Metal detection – The solution for minimizing the contamination of your products?”

Pest prevention

Is the use of pesticides allowed to control pests?

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There are variations in the allowance of pesticides for pest control. Variations in the legislation among countries and also in the company policy or the requirements of your customers. The overall trend is to reduce the use of pesticides or to forbid its use at all. Continue reading “Is the use of pesticides allowed to control pests?”