Metal detection

Tips for an optimal operation of your metal control program

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Include the metal detectors in your machine maintenance program – Choose a qualified company for the maintenance, which gives you a guarantee of an optimal operation of your detector. Integrate the detector calibration in this maintenance service. Continue reading “Tips for an optimal operation of your metal control program”

Metal detection

What does it take to ensure a proper operation of your metal detection program?

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When your process runs smoothly without interruptions, you have less chance of fails in the metal detection system. Interruptions can negatively affect the reliability of your detection system: Continue reading “What does it take to ensure a proper operation of your metal detection program?”

Metal detection

Determination of the minimum rejected body size

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All detection methods have their minimal detection limits, inclusive metal detection. The factor which can restrict the most is your product. On the second place there is the type of metal. You wish to reject all the metal, but unfortunately, this is impossible. Continue reading “Determination of the minimum rejected body size”