Pest prevention

Is the use of pesticides allowed to control pests?

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Photo: Jack Wolf – “Speared” by Flickr

There are variations in the allowance of pesticides for pest control. Variations in the legislation among countries and also in the company policy or the requirements of your customers. The overall trend is to reduce the use of pesticides or to forbid its use at all. Continue reading “Is the use of pesticides allowed to control pests?”

Pest prevention

The practice – Advise to really control the prevention of pests

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A system on paper is an important base, but the real value lies in its good execution. For that there are some pieces of advice to improve the performance of your pest prevention program. What is meant by pests? Continue reading “The practice – Advise to really control the prevention of pests”

Pest prevention

Pest prevention – The pest prevention program

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Photo: Mats Hagwall – “Eggmice, Radish And Chive” – by Flickr

The prevention of pests is becoming more and more important in the quality systems. The term pest control is frequently used. However, prevention is better because what isn’t there hasn’t to be exterminated. Continue reading “Pest prevention – The pest prevention program”