How to get your certificate in one go ?

Photo: Siddharthav – “Celebration” by Flickr

When renewing your certificate, it’s important that your company gets the certificate in one go. That’s why it is so important to prepare well and to evaluate before, whether there aren’t any sources of findings.

All the norm elements are audited in the case of a new certificate. Your company can’t be nominated for certification in the case that big findings were raised during the audit.

That will cost you precious time and you need to inform your customers. In some cases, your customers are informed automatically by the certification body. Your customers will require clarification and probably will not accept your products during the period until the certification.

So it’s primordial to anticipate. Deepen yourself well in the matter. Here under are 4 tips to avoid an interruption in the customer’s supply chain:

  • Carry out a deep internal audit and test the quality system relative to the norm
  • Identify the top 10 findings and focus yourself on it
  • Listen well to the people in your network, which have experience with similar audits
  • Try to find out the focus of your certification body

If your company prepares the audit by following this procedure, you can be confident during the audit. An audit which runs well has the advantage that the result will be better.

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