Metal detection

How to place the test pieces at the most difficult place to be detected?

Photo: “To eat or to cache? – hedera.baltica by Flickr

The test pieces will be placed on or inside the product, in such a way, that the test piece passes through the centre of the opening of the detector. Think about the following points to establish a good test:

  • The test product is clearly identified
  • The tests are made with the product (the same as which is actually passing on the line, having the same temperature). The product to be tested will be placed between the products while preserving the cadence
  • The test pieces pass through the centre of the opening of the detector. This place is the most difficult to detect the test pieces
  • The test pieces are put in different positions (to have the test pieces in the beginning, the middle and at the end of the product during their detection moment)
  • Let the products to be tested pass in a sequence, respecting the pace of the line. This test is used to ensure that the products are rejected in the case of several contaminated products in a row

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