Product export

Situation 2 – Rejection of the exported product caused by changes

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Photo: Jirka Matousek – “Airport” by Flickr

After the approval and the sale of an export product, it’s strongly advised to let approve each change of the product. It is even better to redo the entire approval process. Some reasons why to do this:

Unintentionally, you may fall in situation 1 – Previous article “The organism who approved the sample is not the approval instance during the exporting process”

  • Even if the product remains equivalent, the change will weigh heavier, a fact that will cause a rejection of the product
  • You will risk to lose the control over the situation

Often by a lack of time, this step is neglected. But if you don’t do it, there is a big chance that the product will be refused at its arrival. Here below you find some examples of changes which may lead to a rejection:

  • A change of the colour of the packaging
  • A new raw materials supplier
  • A small composition change due to rounding of the batch
  • A change in the number of portions in the packaging
  • Different quantities in the container
  • Product samples from other products sent with the shipment

This rejection causes may seem very logical and avoidable. However, they are very frequent and cause blockings of goods at the customs.

When you export products, your products will be tested thoroughly in the country of destination. That’s why the “biggest care for each product change” is an advice to be followed.

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