Product export

Situation 3 – Exported product rejected because of the raw materials

Photo: Lester Shepherd – “150 years USDA” by Flickr

Via the raw materials, a forbidden substance can be present in the final product. The product can’t enter anymore in the exporting country. It will be blocked, and then destroyed, having the following consequences:

  • High costs – The production, the transport and losses
  • Your customer will not receive your product
  • Time and extra costs for the reformulation of the product

If your product is going to be sold in a new country, verify well that its composition is according to the legal norms for this country. It’s better to consider it as a new product with a development project. Only by doing it this way, we can look seriously to it.

What is at least to be verified?

  • Verify the raw materials of the product – the composition, additives (hidden or even not declared) (for example: preserving agents or emulsifiers) and on the presence of substances which are forbidden in the destination country
  • Look whether there are special requirements about the packaging (its composition for example)
  • Verify the list of pesticides allowed in the export country. Check their maximum values
  • Be extra careful. If there is one source mentioning that a substance is not permitted, it’s better to substitute it
  • Interrogate your suppliers on the presence of the forbidden substances and ask them for written declarations
  • Try to obtain the maximum amount of regulatory information. Your customer can help you with obtaining it. Save the information carefully for the next time
  • Please note, that the absence on such type of lists means “Forbidden”

It’s an extra task. If you do it before and considering it as a new product development project, you minimise consciously the risk of a product rejection. The customs formalities will be easier and your customer will be happy when he receives the product.

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