Product export

Situation 4 – The right name for your product

Banana skin - Claire Knights
Photo: Claire Knights – “Banana skin” by Flickr

Do the necessary research for the name of your product, when you send it abroad. The export is a good development for your company, which must not lead to a product withdrawal, a lawsuit or a place within the top 10 packaging mistakes.

To avoid getting into such undesirable situations, it’s advisable to consider the following elements:

  • The name of the product must be legally permitted in the exporting country.
  • Take into account national specific regulations, with the differences between the legislation and product regulations.
  • Assure yourself that the product name, its description or the brand do not have a connotation. These will cancel out the strength of your brand and you risk to find pictures of your products on funny sites.
  • If you make use of multilingual labels, verify these aspects mutually for all the languages.

In the European Union
In the European Union you also need to take into account certain differences between its member states. The legislation is largely harmonised and the member states can’t in principle reject products that comply with the legislation of the country of origin.

However, if your product has been sold, you are probably not waiting for a conflict with the authorities or with the market players. Hence it is recommended to adjust the product completely with the export country – make the product “export” -proof.

With the tips here above you can assure yourself to not get into difficult situations. It will be more enjoyable, the costs will be lower and the risk of a product rejection will be minimised. Now you can focus entirely on your international success.

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