Product export

What has the ℮-sign to do with product export ?

Photo: Lance Chueng – “USDA – Pollinator Week Festival” by Flickr

If your ℮-sign labelled product crosses the borders of your country, it’s important to enquire some points to avoid problems. There is also the possibility to import products labelled with the ℮-sign into the EU or into the 4 EFTA-countries (European Free Trade Association).

Export inside Europe or within the 4 EFTA-countries In the member states of the European Union and the 4 EFTA-countries, products can be freely commercialized. The 4 EFTA-countries are Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Swiss.

The percentages of the few cases of the product quantity being lower than the declared quantity minus the inaccuracy (condition 2) may differ between the countries. It’s true that member states can’t refuse products, however this difference may raise questions at your customer. Be prepared for this.

Export outside Europe or outside the EFTA countries If your product is shipped toward countries outside Europe or outside the EFTA countries, the ℮-sign isn’t valid anymore. It’s necessary to adapt the label. In general, the ℮-sign is pre-printed or automatically printed. Hence this is often a source of errors, be sure to have a packaging approval procedure at your disposal.

As the ℮-sign is not applicable anymore, you need to fill the packages with the minimum quantity to be in conformity with the norms of the export country. Your documentation (dosing and weight checks) and your equipment must be adapted to the destination country.

There is a possibility that you need to show a certificate of your weighing system to your customer. This can be obtained at the concerned authority.

The importation from outside Europe or from outside the EFTA countries If you import products from outside Europe or from outside the EFTA countries, it is possible to use the ℮-sign. You are responsible for the conformance of the products and the requirements of the ℮-sign.

As an importer, you can test the conformity of the products by yourself. You need to have the certificate to use the ℮-sign. Or you can choose for an audit of the quality system of the producer from outside the EU. This audit will be conducted by the concerned authority and in case of a satisfactory result the producer will receive a Certificate of Recognition.

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