Pest prevention

Pest prevention – The pest prevention program

170801Eggmice, Radish And Chive - Mats Hagwall
Photo: Mats Hagwall – “Eggmice, Radish And Chive” – by Flickr

The prevention of pests is becoming more and more important in the quality systems. The term pest control is frequently used. However, prevention is better because what isn’t there hasn’t to be exterminated.The customers and consumers watch remotely how you manage this topic. Incidents or non-conformities count heavily. You prefer to avoid that. It’s important to have a properly functioning pest prevention program.

The theory – The pest prevention program

A properly functioning pest prevention program contains the following elements:

  1. A procedure in your quality manual in which all the topics and activities around your pest preventive plan are described (see points 1 to 8)
  2. Identification of the pests – Which species are relevant for your company?
  3. The prevention and the exclusion of pests
  4. The detection methods and how to act in case of activity
  5. The inspection rounds and regular audits
  6. The reporting of all activities related to the pest prevention plan
  7. The usage logging of the materials and resources
  8. The training of the employees to keep up to date with this subject

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