Metal detection

Metal detection – The solution for minimizing the contamination of your products?

171002Gold Chains - Adam (Gem)
Photo: Adam – “Gold Chains” by Flickr

Metal detectors are widely used in the food producing industry, to reject the products containing metallic foreign bodies. Is it sufficient to install a metal detection within your production line?

There are other factors playing a role in the minimization of metallic foreign bodies in your products. The metal detection and its equipment are vital factors of a broader system and approach.

Food safety is the main reason to invest in a metal detector. You want to avoid, that metallic foreign bodies arrive at your customers. Such foreign bodies are dangerous, because they may cause serious injuries or provoke a suffocating effect.

The idea behind it is to find the products containing metallic foreign bodies in product lots to avoid dangerous situations. However, this is not sufficient when we want to take this subject seriously.

In fact, when the detector rejects a product, it means that there has been an error in the previous process and in the metallic foreign body prevention program. And that’s exactly the reason for which your metal detection is essential.

It helps you to identify the root causes of contamination with metallic foreign bodies. And luckily this rejected product can’t arrive at your consumer anymore.

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