Pest prevention

Advice for a pest free company

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In many companies, the same points come back on the topic of pest prevention. To optimize your continuous improvement process, this points are worked out hereunder.

Most of them can be used for other subjects, allowing you to make improvements on them.

  • Invite the technician of your pest prevention company for the follow up meetings. Specifically for the action list of the biological risk evaluation
  • Verify that the number of visits, which is mentioned in the contract, has really been carried out
  • Also verify that your technician comes at regular intervals
  • Buy a high performance inspection lamp, a one which is easy to take with you. In a company, a lot of places are badly visible as they are dark. With the lamp you will see things which were invisible before
  • Keep a space of 1 m between the walls and the goods, making it accessible for inspection and less attractive for pests
  • Place all objects up from the floor, so that there can be inspected and easily cleaned beneath
  • Ensure yourself that the detection resources are accessible for the targeted pests and placed in their routes
  • Don’t attract insects from outside with your electronic flying insect killers. Place them in such a way that they are not visible from outside
  • In order to avoid to attract insects toward the centre of the department, don’t place the electronic flying insect killers over there
  • Follow trainings about the behaviour and the lifecycle of pests. The acquired knowledge helps you to take well-funded decisions
  • Keep an eye on renovations. This are periods of infestation and furthermore not everyone is so skilled at preventing pests with building solutions
  • In the case of problems, recognize them and solve them for the 100 %. In case of a less than 100 % solution, the problems will come back at a regular basis, disturbing your quality indicators
  • Stop saying that “The pest prevention program is outsourced.”, because outsourcing is not a synonym of not being responsible. Being a company you are responsible for all the activities. Pest prevention represents a substantial cost, so it’s better to execute it in an optimal way
  • Identify possible contamination risks during your supplier audits. Not only the raw materials can lead to risks, but also other factors such as residual products, waste, suppliers of crates, pallets and packaging materials

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