Metal detection

Training on the metal detection procedure

180704Jason Taellious - learning
Photo: Jason Taellious – “learning” by Flickr

The performance of the metal detection task is a crucial step and implicates a big responsibility. In the case of failures, there is a chance that contaminated products will reach the consumers.

The objective of the training is not only the transfer of knowledge, but also the verification that the procedure has been 100 % understood. For this reason a 1 on 1 training is the best. The participants will receive a certificate when the training has been followed, with success.

If the participant doesn’t pass the training, it’s advisable to withdraw the authorisation to perform the procedure. The employees may only perform the procedure after they have received the training.

After the training, everything can be recorded in the personnel files.

If the training is carried out as described below, the performance of the detection is improved at the same time. In general the metal detection is classified as a CCP.

  • Normally, you will have a work instruction, which describes the CCP and how it is controlled
  • It will make part of the CCP training, which is carried out on a regular basis. If there are mistakes, its frequency is increased
  • Training: A 1 on 1 training of each operator who is involved in the CCP Metal detection. Location: on the line of the operator. He or she will explain and show you how he controls the CCP. You ask questions to check whether the instruction has been understood
  • The team leaders of the operators are also trained on the CCP (in the same way as described above, thus: on the line and explaining and showing)
  • The training is signed off by each employee
  • Points for improvement of the system, which are raised by the operators shall be taken seriously and be followed up by the Food safety team
  • Training form is signed off by the trained people and by the trainer. This document goes in the personal files at the Human Resources department and the operator receives a certificate for the CCP training

By doing so, you emphasize the importance of the CCP and you formalize the right performance of a work instruction. You also harmonize the way your operators work.

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