The failure of a certified system

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Photo: Garry Knight – “Chess Pieces” by Flickr

Your company is certified. That allows you and your customers the assurance of the product quality. Once obtained, a loss of attention on your quality processes may occur. The organisation works well and isn’t ready to improve the quality level, people are satisfied.

Nevertheless, if we do nothing we may be doubled. The markets develops itself quickly. It’s important to maintain your quality system up-to-date. By losing focus on your system, you will notice that the KPIs* will remain stable.

In general, the level corresponds to the time when the KPIs were introduced into your organization. That’s why you aren’t alerted when you receive them. Every management review the figures are identical, it’s always the same ritual.

Here are some reasons why it’s exactly right to put energy in your system:

  • The completion surely does it and one will be passed by doing nothing
  • Increase the staff awareness on quality
  • Improve your organisation
  • Obtain better audit results
  • Less product complaints
  • More satisfied customers, the key to loyalty

Often everybody is satisfied with the current situation. As soon as the topic of improvement is addressed, people see their workload go up. Fortunately, there are always signals in the organization that call for change, some of which are:

  • An audit with a bad result (Between 5 and 10 non-conformities (NC))
  • An unhappy customer
  • A leaving customer
  • Many remarks by outside parties
  • Certified? In that case we return to the normal routine

Do you recognize these signals? So, this is a starting point of your continuous improvement program.

* KPI = Key Process Indicator. A tool that is used to indicate the score of a key process of your business

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