Pest prevention

The practice – Advise to really control the prevention of pests

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Photo: Jeanne Menjoulet – “Chat marseillais (du panier)” by Flickr

A system on paper is an important base, but the real value lies in its good execution. For that there are some pieces of advice to improve the performance of your pest prevention program. What is meant by pests?

  • All the animals who normally live outside and which are not welcome in your company
  • In the food industry we generally speak of rodents, insects and birds

There are 6 important rules to minimise your companies infestation:

  1. Maintain the pests outside by respecting the following measures:
    • Let doors and windows closed
    • Control at goods reception – Let nothing come in with the deliveries
    • Maintenance of the building. Proof everything: holes, cracks, openings (under doors) and joints
    • The companies environment – The environment of your company can attract pests
  2. Maintain a good hygiene level. By doing so, the company gets less attractive and there will be no developing possibilities for the pests
  3. Avoid shelters for pests in your company
  4. Assure yourself that there are no pests entering by means of your suppliers
  5. Install good pest detection resources allowing direct intervention
  6. The implication of the personnel. All pest activity needs to be reported to the designated manager

A good steering of your program gives you a good vision of the status. A consistent and rapid follow-up of internal or external findings will lead you to a pest-free business.

If you don’t do the pest prevention by yourself, hire a good company that takes care for it. A good company is the one which brings real solutions to your pest problems.

It’s a cooperation, the external company gives recommendations and helps you to solve the problems. It’s up to you to follow up the recommendations coming from the external company.

Consult your network to find a good company. Be aware of long term contracts. It’s better to first see whether the presented method really works. If the problems persist (of course having followed up the recommendations) you haven’t the right company.

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