Pest prevention

Is the use of pesticides allowed to control pests?

170828Jack Wolf - Speared (Moyenne)
Photo: Jack Wolf – “Speared” by Flickr

There are variations in the allowance of pesticides for pest control. Variations in the legislation among countries and also in the company policy or the requirements of your customers. The overall trend is to reduce the use of pesticides or to forbid its use at all.The application of a pesticide is also context dependent, to be seen below:

  • It concerns an individual pest control action
  • There is a permanent use of toxic baits
  • The localisation of these toxic baits: inside the building, nearby (finished) goods or outside

It is necessary to take these aspects into consideration to evaluate the application of this type of products. It’s essential to avoid contamination of the product or the environment.

The disadvantages of using pesticides to control pests

The use of pesticides has disadvantages. As in the most of the cases, there are pesticide-free alternatives, the disadvantages have to be studied thoroughly before its application.

  • Pesticides have a negative impact on the environment
  • These products enter in the food chain and by doing so, they intoxicate populations which have nothing to do with the pest problem
  • The question raises whether the pests are really exterminated. This, because there is no possibility to verify if the pests received a lethal doses
  • This questioning is undesirable from a hygienic standpoint
  • It isn’t a solution for the problem, as the root cause isn’t eliminated. The source of the pests subsists
  • Extra measures are needed to protect your products of a contamination

In summary, the use of pesticides is discouraged. Take the pesticide-free methods into consideration and focus on prevention*, needing less and less extermination actions.

*By focussing on prevention you will observe quickly that the hygiene level increases

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