Pest prevention

The advantages of pesticide-free methods or the prevention of pests

170904Viklund_GR-251 - Vanerpaddel Gem
Photo: Vanerpaddel – “Viklund_GR-251” by Flickr

In a previous article, the disadvantages of using pesticides were discussed. In this brief article the advantages of a pesticide-free approach are presented:It’s better for the environment, as there is no negative impact

  • Pesticide-free detection methods contribute to determine the causes of an infestation and also to solve the problems
  • You will gain knowledge of the pests (their route and the quantity) allowing you to take good corrective actions
  • Given the relationship with close subjects, the hygiene for example, you will notice that the hygiene level of your company increases
  • The security of your product increases as the risk of a product contamination with pesticides reduces drastically
  • It’s a more active way of problem solving. The personnel will be more engaged with the company

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