Pest prevention

The period of the year with the highest infestation level

170911Portland Rain - gsloan
Photo: gsloan – “Portland Rain” by Flickr

The cause of an infestation is often linked to the period of the year. The Autumn is often mentioned as a cause. But this is a myth. In the Summer it is also possible to have pest related problems.

The figures of the quality system are the reliable ones. If problems are observed, the stats show them all over the year. To undo the myth it is essential to inform your colleagues.

  • Inform your colleagues on a regular basis about the trends, in a graphic format for example
  • Explain the pest prevention during hygiene trainings and which pests pose a risk to the company
  • Be clear about what to do for the prevention and to whom to address in case of every single pest activity
  • Explain which methods are used to prevent and to exterminate pests
  • Stimulate the behaviour which has a positive influence on the pest prevention program

How to obtain good figures?

  • Start with a good recording of the pest prevention program
  • Apply a root cause analysis and record the corrective actions
  • Report every end of the month
  • Transform the monthly figures in annual figures allowing you to compare the years
  • Being open to suggestions for improvement allows you to obtain more and more accurate information

By operating following the above procedure, you can undo some myths immediately. The continuous improvement accelerates when it’s based on significant figures. Work toward the objective of a your pest-free company.

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